Does loves comes only once? No, it doesn’t. Love can come several times, although there may be one particular Love experience that makes a deeper impression on the heart than the others.

So the man or woman who feels the world has come to an end because he has loved and lost is wrong. Somewhere in the world they there may be another woman or man who can occupy the place of the once you lost. Some particular fellow’s love may be lost, but love itself can not be lost.


This reminds me of the story of a Mr. Adams. Adams was desperately in love with a Miss Ada, and in the eyes of their friends and relatives  they seemed to be the perfect couple. But some time in the couple’s relationship Ada met another man, whom she lost her heart to.

Adams was heart-broken,  and sinking under the strains of losing Ada’s love his mind became unhinged. Then Adams was taken to a hospital by his relatives.  But Adams’s admission into the hospital brought no relief to his relatives. With the doctors’ treatments failing to aid, the sick young man’s health was deteriorating rapidly.

At this juncture, they brought in a psychiatrist.

 The psychiatrist began his treatment by replacing the nurses who had been taking care of the sick young man with an extraordinarily beautiful nurse with a voluptuous body and sensual smile that only a monk can resist.


Acting on the psychiatrist’s instructions the beautiful nurse began to act to be in love with the poor sick man. At the end of two weeks after Adams was placed in the charge of the beautiful, sexy nurse he was struck by another sickness.


And guess the new sickness he was suffering from now: Love! He had fallen  under the extraordinarily beautiful nurse’s spell.

But he got cured of all the sickness when the beautiful nurse requited his love. A couple of months later, after  Adams was discharged from the Hospital he and the beautiful nurse wedded in the a certain Cathedral in the city.

Adams’ story proves that love never comes once. In my  newly- published Amazon kindle e-book: The Animal Story, Chu’s world seems to come an end when his love Baby Doll is abducted by a pack of wolves led by the villainous Ki Kong. In spite of the warning of his mother, Chu (a city dog} set out to search for Baby Doll. But he gets more than he bargains for when after some hard four years of  search for Baby Doll in the wild that has  a taken toll on him he finds Baby Doll and the wolves: Baby Doll is now in Love with Ki Kong and will not hear of leaving the wolf pack leader for any other creature in the world. And so, Like Mr. Adams Chu’s mind becomes unhinged .


But if Chu has been aware of the fact that love never comes only once,  that somewhere in  Chongquing city, China where the ANIMAL STORY is set that there may be another dog who can take the place of the Love he has lost, he wouldn’t have embarked on the dangrous Mission he embarked to find Baby Doll.