The above quoted lines were made by a certain Ira Einhorn, an America citizen convicted in absentia in Pennsylvania, U.S.A,in 1993 for the murder of his lover Holly Maddus.

Ira Einhorn was a pacifict guru who in the 60’s was seen as Phildelphia’s answer to Abbie Hoffman, a man most prominent in the Age of Aquarius. But despite Ira Einhorn’s professed pacifism he was a proverb for possessiveness. At the end of one relationship he battered his victim with a bottle; at the end of another relationship (with Holly Maddus) he murdered the lady after she had threatened to leave him.

Violence, sure, marks the end of Ira Einhorn’s relationships with women. But Ira Einhorn’s case is not exceptional. Over the years men and women have reacted negatively to the loss of some persons’ love. There had been instances where a jilted lover had committed suicide or committed murder. There were other instances where the jilted person had poured acid upon the person who jilted them. There were other cases where the man or woman who had loved and lost had tried to blackmail their ex with some secret information in their possessions.

In the African society the situation sometimes takes on comic overtones. There was this story of a lady who in a bid to win back the love of her ex resotted to black magic. The love sick lady went to a witch doctor to make a medicine that would make her ex to come back to her. After preparing the medicine the witch doctor gave the love lorn  lady some stuff to drink and some incantations to chant for five days. At the end of  five days, strangely enough, the love sick lady found herself pining for the witch doctor instead of her ex. Strongly influenced by some force which she was in the dark about, the lady began paying secret romantic calls on the scheming witch doctor.

As the lady lost herself more and more in the witch doctor’s love, the crafty man made a marriage proposal to her. The helpless lady was on the edge of accepting  to be the scheming witch doctor’s third wife when one of her relatives caught  on and called a priest. It took the fervent prayers of the man of god to deliver the Lady from the spell which the witch doctor had cast upon her. Thank God no violence was done to anybody in this case.

But there are acts of violence in the next instance which I am going to recount from my Amazon kindle book “The Animal Story”.

Baby Doll is an extraordinary beautiful city dog whom the wolf pack leader Ki kong has loved with so much devotion since he takes her away from her love, Chu, in a hill outside Chongquinq city,China.

To Ki kong, Baby Doll is a beautiful, blue eyed princess to love, and he spares no attentions and affections on her. But toward the end when Baby Doll threatens to leave him after a quarrel, Ki kong runs out of control and unleashes an unspeakable violence upon her. The end- is guess it….

So Ki kong reacts negatively… like most of us mortals do when some person’s love is lost. But should this be so? Indeed, it shouldn’t have be so if only people could understand, even though a particular person’s love is lost ,that love itself is never lost, that love never comes once.

Love has a natural tendency to come again and again, and the love for somebody can be transmuted into love for another . Of course, there is always somebody somewhere who can replace the person you have lost.