Shéa MacLeod

Ladies (and gents), please join me in welcoming the talented Kim Law to ye olde blog today! Kim is another Montlaker. She’s also a two-time Golden Heart® finalist, a former baton twirler, and a wearer of purple cowboy hats. Today she’ll be giving away an ARC of her upcoming release SUGAR SPRINGS. Welcome Kim!


Ah, the romance of romance. 🙂 I can’t remember a time I didn’t love it. Even as a kid, I was all about Barbie and Ken going out on dates. But then…maybe that was the norm 😉 But I also loved the romance in some my favorite shows: Happy Days—who didn’t love Joanie and Chachi?, The Love Boat, Mork & Mindy—I was so glad when they figured out they liked each other!

But I didn’t just love the romance itself, I also loved the drama that built to the romance. Knots Landing was my all-time favorite…

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