Born on september  29th,1967,in Enugu Nigeria.Educated ST Paul’s college Eke ,Enugu.Inspired by the writings of James Hadley Chase and Shakespeare ,Shortly after graduation from College,Bodo began to try his hand at writing stories. And soon he started publishing his stories in newspapers and magazines.Some time Later he began to write scripts for TV.A Christain by birth,Pat Bodo is deeply interested in mysticism,and is constantly seeking knowledge especially arcane knowledge  Pat Bodo is the author of the Amazon Kindle book :THE ANIMAL STORY..He is also the author of the marvellous upcming fantasy novel PEARL AND THE TITAINS which has been hailed as the greatest fairy tale ever.Work in progress includes Filipino Girl a romantic tragic play about the exploits of an American MARINE and his Filipino Lover.MY Amazon URL, While I can be reach at